CEP – Family and Community Health

In Tarrant County, an estimated 211, 747 individuals receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), historically known as the food stamp program.  Studies have shown individuals who live in poverty (including SNAP recipients) have dietary intakes that are not congruent with current recommendations (i.e. Dietary Guidelines or MyPlate).  This audience, like many, may not recognize their risk for food born illnesses.  Stretching resources so households don’t run out of food is also a challenge.

Limited resource audiences are the primary audience to which this program is targeted.  Limited resource audiences may include but are not limited to:

  • Teen Parents
  • Families eligible for SNAP or WIC
  • Senior Adults
  • Anyone in need of educational programs
Educational Programs and activities developed and delivered in the Tarrant County Cooperative Extension Program – Family and Community Health component include:
 Childhood Obesity
  • The facts about Obesity
  • Being wise about portion sizes
  • Healthy Eating Out
  • Ways to cut & burn calories
Food Safety
  • Shopping for safe food
  • Preparing, serving, & storing food safely at home
  • Food Safety when eating out
Parenting Connections
  • Child Growth & Development
  • Parent-Child Communication
  • Positive Discipline
  • Developing your child’s self esteem
MoneyWise Lesson Series
  • Understanding Credit
  • Money Management
  • Banking Basics
  • Saving

If you would like to learn more about Family and Community Health with the Cooperative Extension Program in Tarrant County or would like to schedule a program, please contact:

The Family and Community Health Dept.
Cooperative Extension Program
Phone:  817-884-1294



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