Community and Economic Development

HOWDY! I’m Chelse Lilly, EA-PV-CED, and I am your PVAMU Tarrant County Extension Agent! As a member of PVAMU Extension (formerly Cooperative Extension Program), I am proud to bring Community & Economic Development (CED) resources, tools, training, and assistance programs that can help you succeed in business and in life! 

The Community and Economic Development program is dedicated to supporting underserved and limited-resource individuals, families, and small businesses with FREE training, expertise, and education to achieve a higher standard of living through various means.  We put a focus on business planning assistance, marketing and branding, homeownership education, financial literacy, youth entrepreneurship, government and non-profit assistance programs, and much more!

In addition to assisting businesses, we are also well-equipped to provide support to small-scale agricultural producers and offer technical assistance and counseling to ensure the profitability and sustainability of these agricultural operations.

PVAMU Extension provides cutting-edge, research-based information to all Texans in support of our mission to build resilient families, improve farm sustainability, expand small businesses, and empower youth to be leaders now and into the future. The PVAMU Extension’s main priority is taking knowledge gained through unbiased research and education and disseminating it directly to the people to create positive changes. This is accomplished through the work of local Extension agents, like myself (also known as Extension educators)!

I am so excited to be a part of this historic service and I look forward to working with many of you in the community!

PLEASE follow @CEDTarrantCountyExtension on social media, share, and bookmark the following link for updates and registration for FREE services, workshops, community events, consultations, and more:

Chelse Lilly, EA-PV-CED

Community& Economic Development Agent-Tarrant County

Prairie View A&M Extension Program

O: 817-884-1945 Ext. 6822

or email

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